Why Chiropractic

Stress leads to our need for Chiropractic

The Cause

Subluxation is a Chiropractic term for when two or more bones misalign in the spine, creating pressure or interference on the nerves that exit at that level. Over time these misalignments frame your body’s ability to adapt to stress, which begins to create a stress pattern or response, which largely affects your body’s ability to heal itself. Slips or fall, accidents, staring down at your phone, injuries, and even emotional stressors are just a few examples of stress that will cause the bones in your spine to misalign, creating stress on your system. 

Research shows that you can have misalignments in your spine for up to 10 years before you actually feel any pain or symptoms at all. If you imagine that much pressure on your nerves for that length of time, it’s easy to understand how detrimental this is to your body’s healing process.

The Solution

Chiropractic increases your body’s ability to adapt to stress!

Through Chiropractic, we specialize in locating and correcting subluxations with very gentle and specific adjustments. By encouraging your bones into proper alignment, we take abnormal pressure and stress off of those nerves, restoring your nerves to optimal function.

When we restore your brain’s ability to communicate to the rest of the body, guess what happens? Your body heals! Your nervous system already knows what specific needs your body has at any given moment, it’s our job to figure out what’s stopping it from doing what it was created to do. With everyday adjustment, your body has a better ability to adapt to stress, and when it does that, the results are pretty incredible. We see this happen every single day in our office, and we know that you are capable of experiencing your own inspired healing story like so many others have.

The Results

Chiropractic allows you to heal from the inside out.

While the healing process looks different for everybody, we are confident that with every adjustment, your body will be one step closer to healing. Your system will always be better off without nerve interference than it will be with it. And we know that as long as we are reducing that, we are increasing your body’s ability to adapt and heal itself. We don’t guarantee how fast you will heal, but we do guarantee that we stay committed to your results. 

We desire for you to reach you health goals, whether its having less pain, being more active with the kiddos, driving that commute without pain, or focusing better at work without headaches, we want to partner with you in that. How cool would it be to become the best version of you, and do it in a gentle, safe, and effective way?

While all chiropractic care focuses on healing the body through the spine, principled chiropractic is different in that it operates solely on a model designed to maintain and preserve optimal lifelong health. It doesn’t just seek to correct the current condition and symptoms, but to enhance healing throughout your life.

Say Yes to Chiropractic

Inspired Stories

“For the last 20 years I’ve averaged less than three hours of sleep every night. Being a busy business owner, this lack of sleep made me feel like I was deteriorating. After just one week of being adjusted, I began only waking up once during the night. My quality of life has improved, I have much more energy, and happier thoughts throughout the day…”

– Abe

COVID- 19 Precautions

COVID 19 Information and Updates: Here at Inspired, we strive everyday to provide the best quality care and a safe environment for all who walk through our doors. We are truly grateful to have such amazing practice members who are dedicated to our mission of achieving optimal health. Out of an abundance of caution, we have made specific changes to all office protocols per the CDC’s recommendations. Allow us to surround you with love, peace, and hope.

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