Many women past their first trimester experience torsional stress from the growth of the fetus, which causes the placenta and uterus to press upon the sacrum and create subluxations. By applying gentle opposing pressure to the lower region of the pelvis, adjustments can help to restore the proper sacrum position and reduce these adverse effects.

Many women who undergo the Webster technique report reduced discomfort and a far more comfortable pregnancy, and are better prepared for the birthing process. As with any pregnancy complications, mothers undergoing the Webster technique should only do so as part of a complete care plan which includes regular OB-GYN or midwife consults to monitor the continual health of both the mother and child.

Webster & Birthing Outcomes

Dr. Nicole is committed to supporting mamas in the prenatal and postpartum period by providing specific care, and holding space for women as they walk through the life changing experience of motherhood. She believes that women should feel empowered and informed going into the transition of becoming a mother. So much of our birth world focuses on the fear and anxiety behind birth, we want you to feel educated and supported. Dr. Nicole is certified in The Webster Technique, and is very specific in her prenatal and postpartum care recommendations to ensure the best care possible for the mamas that are under her care.

During pregnancy, a routine of regular and consistent chiropractic care can improve your coordination, flexibility, strength and balance. This can all ease the physical burden of carrying the baby, and make for a more pleasant pregnancy experience. Keeping your spine properly aligned can also maintain optimal nervous system function, which can help to alleviate the aches, swelling, pain and even morning sickness associated with pregnancy.


One of the biggest reasons we focus on preconception, prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric care in our office is because we really believe, that in order to change the direction of our health, we’ve gotta get our kiddos healthy. 

The health of a kiddo begins with a healthy pregnancy, which is one of the biggest reasons that seeing mamas is a big part of Inspired’s mission. 

Even bigger than that, research is continuing to support the importance of preconception health and its relation to the health of littles as well. If we could shift our focus to be the healthiest and best version of ourselves before conception, we will see healthier pregnancies, which will lead to healthier babies, which will lead to healthier communities. And that’s the point.

Perinatal Care


Infants can benefit from Chiropractic?

We don’t often think about how traumatic it is to be born, but babies experience any number of physical complications during the process of entering the world. Many of these arise from spinal misalignment, including difficulty with breastfeeding, asthma, colic, digestive problems and even behavioral issues which result from pain, discomfort and sub-optimal nervous response.

Pediatric chiropractic care can improve your child’s functions, helping to improve mobility, digestion and even increase immune system responsiveness. This is done through correcting spinal misalignments which increase nerve system function and communication, and can reduce the risk for illness and infant health disorders.

Pediatric Care

Why we continue to see kiddos, even in the absence of symptoms.

 As children age, pediatric chiropractic care can help to establish a firm foundation for continued nervous system function and overall health which encourages optimal growth and development as well as an improved quality of life overall. We undergo stress on our spine at all stages of life, and children engage in heavy play, athletics and physical activity that can easily create spinal misalignments.

 With regular chiropractic care, children are able to maintain ideal spinal alignment regardless of their level of activity. This allows them to maintain optimal nervous system health and can improve sleep, behavior and physical, emotional and mental development. Chiropractic is completely safe and quite effective for maintaining peak health in children.

 We are constantly doing preventative checks for our teeth, eyes, and overall wellness…why wouldn’t we also check and maintain our spine as well? 


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