Postpartum Letter

Inspired Family Chiropractic Blog

Dear Mom,

This is not fair!

This is not the postpartum experience you should be having.

Pregnant woman getting a chiropractic adjustment

You should be feeling nervously excited about your first solo shopping trip with your baby. You should be full of delicious food that family and friends are making and delivering to your doorstep. You should be feeling joyful about finding a moms group where all the babies roll around on the same blanket. You should feel the physical support of your partner as the baby visits the doctor for the first time.

Right now, you may not be experiencing these milestones and it is not fair. This is not how new motherhood should be.

All of us at Inspired see you and honor the experience that you have walked through to birth to your baby and begin your journey as a new mom.

We are here to support you with listening ears, air hugs, cheerful masked smiles to ease your mind and heart; as well as, chiropractic adjustments to aid your healing body.

In case, no one has told you today, you are a fantastic mom and the perfect mom for your baby. You are doing great, just breathe and keep going. Things will get easier in this “longest, shortest time” of life.

With Love,

Dr, Nicole, Ashley, Cali & Jaxy Boy