Anxiety & Chiropractic

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We live in a world where “management” of symptoms has become our healthcare standard.

What’s tough in the world of diagnosing anxiety, is it’s not as simple as getting to the root cause of your stress. Stress comes from every angle and isn’t as easy to “manage” as we’ve been told. That’s really what lead to my own Chiropractic care journey.


Why Chiropractic

I needed a doctor that would commit to getting to the cause of why I was sick, and why my body was not healing adequately. You may think it’s crazy to think that something like Chiropractic could help with anything that’s not back pain, right?

I did too, but it changed the trajectory of my life and my health.

At Inspired we actually see plenty of people that may come in for help with headaches or low back pain, but after sitting down with them and hearing more about their story, the thing affecting the quality of their life the most is something completely unrelated to the spine. Like anxiety, poor sleep patterns, or poor digestion.

Chiropractors are doctors of the spine, but the health of your spine determines the health of your nervous system. I know, get to the point right? How in the world does this affect anxiety?

Your Nervous System

Your nervous system is made up of two different parts. We have our parasympathetic system which is responsible for everything healing and recovery, and then we have our sympathetic system which is the control center for all our stress response and stress hormone regulation.

That means, the less stress causing a sympathetic response, the less we are in this state and the more body can focus on healing and recovery in the parasympathetic state. It’s important to know that the body cannot be active in both of these systems at the same exact time.

We need a harmony of both, but most of us live life in constant sympathetic overload. We have so many different stresses coming at us at all times, it’s honestly hard not to be.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Anxiety?

So what does Chiropractic care have to do with it? Every time I make an adjustment to the spine, I facilitate healing and better communication from your brain to the body, so it can increase its ability to adapt to new stress.

Over time, the less stress your system is carrying, the better it will adapt to the inevitable stresses that will come your way in the future.

We see countless healing stories of people no longer needing medication being under care, no longer needing disability benefits and returning back to work, and those that are sleeping better which has led to better stress management over time.

Regardless of what your goal is, we want to be a support to get to the root of the issue, so you can live to your full potential. Your life was not designed to be constantly anxious, taking prescription drugs forever, and feeling overwhelming in most of life’s moments.

You are worth it!

Tips For Anxiety

Here are some of my favorite ways to deal with my stress, they may help you too!

Pranic Breathing

You inhale for 6 counts, hold for 3, exhale for 6 counts, hold for 3. Repeat as needed!

This is a way to reconnect to your parasympathetic system in the midst of a sympathetic response.

Sweat in an Infrared Sauna

This is a dedicated 40 minutes of meditation and quiet time. You sweat out trauma, toxins, and thoughts that aren’t serving you. This is what we call the “three ts” in Chiropractic that create stressors on the body. Thoughts, trauma, and toxins – when we learn to decrease those, our ability to manage stress significantly increases! Renew Hollistics is a great place to sweat or Heat and Halo.

Weekly or Biweekly Chiropractic Care

I know, you just read all things on this. One of the best ways to help your stress system regulate itself better is to improve the function of your nervous system, which controls it. I get checked a least once a week, but most weeks I get checked twice. It’s key to managing my stress too! You can schedule an appointment here or give our office a call at 661-347-6617.

Gratitude Journal

I love to journal daily. I believe that focusing on our fears only breeds ground for more anxiety, and once we are in that state, it’s extremely difficult to talk your brain out of it. This is why we see a population of people dealing with severe anxiety. This isn’t a quick fix tip. This is something that retrains habits over time. When we habitually choose to start and end our day with gratitude, we begin to focus on what is good in our lives instead of fearing what we can’t control. Here are some journals I love to buy from Moleskine.