5 Years, Let’s Cheers!

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Where did this summer go? We took a little blog break, but we are back just in time to celebrate 5 years since we opened our doors at Inspired! I can’t believe how fast the time goes, August 8th marks 5 years since we had our ribbon cutting at Inspired Family Chiropractic. It’s been a whirlwind to say the least! Reflecting on all that Inspired has been through over the last 5 years gives me all the feels. This post is all about 5 years, let’s cheers! It’s a milestone worth reflecting on and celebrating.

Ribbon Cutting Day

Leading up to the ribbon cutting is easily one of the most stressful seasons of my life. Opening Inspired was a beautiful dream, but it didn’t come with any shortage of stress. The space you see now was totally empty and needed all the vision and love to come to life. We (like many other businesses in Santa Clarita) had severe permitting delays that delayed our opening almost 6 months and like with most construction projects had lots of expensive surprises along the way. When it came time to finally show off the space and open our doors, it was a dream come true! We executed one of the biggest ribbon cutting ceremonies the chamber has ever been a part of, and had an incredible day of office tours, goodies, raffles, and celebration.

Two days later we opened our doors to the community with our schedule totally booked, ready to serve many people that had scheduled with us months prior. It was a bumpy road, and probably some of the most stress I have ever been under, but to this day it is something I am most proud of creating.

The Ups & Downs

We got open and started to work! Inspired has seen many team members, some longer than others, but we really have been blessed by amazing humans that have served our community well. We grew fast, saw a lot of people, and have seen all the ups and downs that every business does.

Last week one of my practice members was congratulating me on being in practice for 5 years, and asked “what would you tell 5 years ago Dr. Nicole, with what you know today?”. It was a sweet moment of reflection. At first thought, I reflected on all the hard moments. The first two years were some of the most stressful with growing a practice fast enough to sustain the overhead. But, some of the most rewarding memories came from those years as they built a strong foundation of healing within our four walls. 

In 2019, I made the decision to get divorced, and to put it simply, I deconstructed my life. It was the best decision for me and how I showed up at Inspired, but that decision brought some big changes to my brand and business.

Growing Through the Pandemic

Less than 6 months later, COVID hit. When I say Inspired has been through it, I mean we went through it. I know that I am not the only business to navigate and survive 2020, and am so aware of many businesses that were forced to close and lost everything. I will be forever grateful that we pulled through. Those were tough moments for us all.

Just as we came out of 2020, things looked up into 2021 and we were growing and moving through. We rebranded and let go of some of the old Inspired dating back to our ribbon-cutting day, because it no longer represented who I was in the practice.

July 2021 our sweet 5 year old golden retriever greeter Jaxy got a cancer diagnosis and passed away in September. As hard as everything else was, this was a breaking point for me. The latter part of last year, I survived. I showed up, and my community and team loved me well, but those days were really some of my hardest moments in practice.

Rebuilding into 2022

Coming into this year, we have created and grown to be the most authentic version of Inspired yet. From the brand, to the office esthetic, to who we are as a team, and the people we consistently see.

We’ve had an incredible gift in the development of our team, we’ve been blessed with another golden boy to greet our people, and we see more babies and mamas than we ever have. I’m blessed with the incredible gift of owning Inspired, and proud of the perseverance we’ve endured.

Are we still rebuilding and recovering from the ups and downs of the last 5 years? Of course, we are.

It hasn’t come without a fight, and there are still hard moments. Business is never guaranteed. What I’ve learned is that everything worth fighting for is hard, but rather than wait for things to get “easier” we just learn to do the hard things with more ease. Inspired is my heartbeat, and it’s becoming more authentic as the year’s pass. I wouldn’t trade a darn thing. 

So what would I tell 5 years ago Dr. Nicole? 

It’s better than you could have ever imagined it could be. 

We will be celebrating big this week, in the office and after hours. Come cheers with us! We are hosting a cocktail party Wednesday night at the office from 5 pm-7 pm. If you are part of the Inspired community, you are welcome to join and celebrate with us!

As always, I’m grateful for you. Cheers to 5 years!

We hope you can come stop by and visit us, we’d love to meet you!


Dr. Nicole